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Celebrating Summer

We celebrate the first day of summer with an old-fashion hamburger BBQ. This is usually the first time of the year the BBQ is put to use.

Resident BBQ

Once every summer we enjoy lunch served outside in our courtyard, under tents while being entertained by local musicians. Burgers with all the fixings and other standard picnic fare is served.

Boxed Social

Once every year an old-fashioned boxed social is served outside, complete with fried chicken and potato salad.

Santa Night

During a special night in December, Santa visits with presents for all! The evening if full of great food, good laughs and a little something for everyone!

New Years Eve

Residents count down to the New Year while dining an a very special dinner menu that is served in true Southview Terrace style. Laughs and party favors, hats and music are all part of this special evening.